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Monk SMS Gateway

Monk was created in 2011 and is a platform built around an External Short Message Entry(ESME) that deals mostly in Premium TXT Subscription services apart from customizable solutions on TXT like competitions, polls, games and utilities.


The daily 10 minute schedules of these 320 character TXT messages ensures a send out to over 123,000 subscribers within our vast customer base. The platform also has a portal for Customer Care staff of a Telco to handle customer queries with ease and also has an added feature to use TXT commands to handle queries as an alternative.

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Monk Connectivity

Before Monk can be used for it's services, a VPN between Monk and the Telco SMSC must be connected via a VPN This will require the VPN Engineers to liaise and set up the connection After the connection is set up, test will be conducted to test connectivity and then binding will commence.

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Our developers have created a system that is easy and user friendly for both front-end and back-end users.


Dependent on the Telco and their compatibilities, our Monk SMS Platform can be deployed within 5 weeks from initial setup to testing and training. However, we do have an extended 4 week period incase the technicians are facing difficulties with setup.

Call Center Headset

Customer Care Dashboard

Considering the element of human interaction, the ‘Monk’ platform’s usability is core to its feature. For this reason, the training component is expected to be completed in five days. Vititech will provide training via two mediums:


1. Online Tutorial - a face to face session on SKYPE with a technician who will guide the trainee through a step by step process.


2. Manual – A manual will also be provided to the trainee outlining a step by step process on how to use the platform.


Vititech staff will also provide back up support should the trainee(s) require it.


‘Monk’ is a user friendly platform, and we have no doubt that the above mediums is sufficient to effectively cover the use of ‘monk’.

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